Sphynx Cat Handmade clothes, fully washable jumper




Sphynx Cat Handmade clothes, Winter Sphynx cat clothing hand-knitted fully washable Sphynx-jumpers for your beautiful Sphynx Adult Cat.

Winter Sphynx hand-knitted cat clothing, hand-knitted cat jumper, hand knitted from 100% Acrylic Yarn so easy to pop in the washing machine and dry.

My beautiful Sphynx model wearing the Winter Sphynx cat clothing hand knitted fully washable Sphynx-jumpers  is 3kg and was  provided by Hudson’s home from home

Sphynx hand-knitted cat clothing mean that your Cat can look even more gorgeous whilst keeping warm. This clothing provides an easy way for your Cat to stay warm, yet the garment is easily washed. 100% Acrylic soft yarn snuggles your fur baby beautifully, whilst being machine washable at up to 40 degrees. No fastenings make this the ideal nap outfit for your Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Handmade clothes purchased from https://timelessstitches.co.uk/ give you the opportunity to own a designer piece, limited in number but a bespoke fitting item

Sphynx-jumpers available in Small Medium, Large and  X Large, See Sphynx-jumpers chart for size information›››

Winter Sphynx hand-knitted size SMALL- Sphynx

Cat Weight Approximative 5 – 6.9 lb
A Back 11-14” (28-36cm)
B Neck 6.5-7.5” (17-19cm)
C Chest 10-11” (25-28cm)
D Belly 11-13” (28-33cm)

Winter Sphynx hand-knitted size MEDIUM- Sphynx
Cat Weight Approximative 7 – 8.5 lb
A Back 12-15” (30-38cm)
B Neck 7.5-8.5” (19-22cm)
C Chest 11-13” (28-33cm)
D Belly 14-16” (33-41cm)

Winter Sphynx hand-knitted  size LARGE – Sphynx
Cat Weight Approximative 8.6 – 10.5 lb
A Back 13-16” (33-41cm)
B Neck 8.5-9.5” (22-24cm)
C Chest 12-14” (33-36cm)
D Belly 16-18” (41-46cm)

Winter Sphynx hand-knitted size XLARGE – Sphynx
Cat Weight Approximative 10.6 – 11.5 lb
A Back 14-17” (35-48cm)
B Neck 9.5-10.5” (23-25cm)
C Chest 13-14” (33-36cm)
D Belly 17-19” (43-48cm)

My beautiful winter Sphynx cat jumper, my modeled weight 3kg, and was provided by Hudson’s home from home

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Large, Medium, Small, X Large


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