Recycled Hardwood Blocking Board


Recycled Hardwood blocking Board for Crochet- Hardwood which has been up-cycled from old Furniture.

This makes each piece an individual, simply the best blocking board. Sealed with Shellac to give a soft sheen natural look

Made hardwood means it won’t warp or dent like softwoods

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Recycled Hardwood blocking Board

Made from recycled Hardwood make these the most beautiful keepsake. Probably the most beautiful blocking board.

Small Board size is approximately 165mm x 165mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 16 cm squares. (8 holes square)

Medium Board size is approximately 210mm x 210mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 16 cm squares. (10 holes square)

Large Board size is approximately 240mm x 240mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 20 cm squares. (12 holes square)

Recycled Hardwood blocking Board are from recycled wood, making this a very Eco-friendly gift

All items are made from either recycling wood or upcycling products to a new and exciting future

20 dowels are included.

What is blocking?
Blocking is a way of using water to shape your crochet to achieve the perfect shape.

Other crafting accessories are available to compliment the Hardwood Crochet Blocking Board. These including crochet hooks sets with fox heads or ceramic extra long handles. Hardwood Crochet hook stand and the most recent addition a yarn and accessories workstation, these are all hardwood piece perfect for gifts. offers a range of knitting and crochet accessories including stitch markers; yarn bowls; blocking boards; crochet hooks; hook stands and yarn holders


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