Brown Wool Fingerless Gloves Brown size Medium


Pure Wool Medium Weight Fingerless Gloves in brown fleck in size Medium.
They are hand knitted in 100% Pure wool variegated yarn in Browns.
Ideal for gifts for Birthdays or Christmas or just because you would like warm hands

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Brown Wool Fingerless Gloves Brown Fleck size Medium

Brown Wool fingerless gloves Made in Rib Stitch Fingerless Gloves with thumb gap for dexterity and full use of fingers.
Medium Weight fingerless gloves, Arm Warmers, Women’s Gloves, arm warmers fingerless gloves, gifts for women, gifts for men

Wrist circumference Medium 18/20cm

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Do Brown Wool fingerless gloves Keep You Warm?
There is, in fact, some science behind why fingerless gloves keep you warm. Most of these gloves cover the parts of your hand and wrist that have the greatest impact on your overall warmth.
For example, the back of your hands is loaded with capillaries and blood vessels. Keep this area warm, and the rest of you will stay warmer too, even if uncovered.

Secondly, many fingerless gloves will cover your pulse point, also warming you up. By keeping your hands and wrists covered, you are improving your overall circulation, which is another method of keeping you warm even though your fingers aren’t covered.
Finally, if you keep your wrists warm, the blood in your hands stay warmer. This means that even though your fingers are exposed, the blood is warmed from the wrist.

These cute Brown Wool fingerless gloves are entirely hand knitted
Comfortable, light to wear, soft and ideal for cold winter days.

Thanks to the fingers uncovered, you can use your hands without giving up the pleasure of wearing a
pair of gloves.

Recommended for those who love comfortable clothes , but who don’t necessarily want thick layers, but still and want to keep warm hands and arms.
Being handmade and recreated item, it may differ slightly as each handmade item, although similar, is unique.

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